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Clients rave about our custom Pilates Training Sessions! Read more GREAT reviews on our YELP & GOOGLE!

  • Pilates with Ashlee Yelp Reviews

"I have been doing Pilates  with Ashlee for the past 3 years and I can say that Ashlee's engaging personality, technically challenging routines and continuous growth ensures that you get results. I worked with her at Eden and when she started her own studio.  You can see that pilates is a way of life and philosophy for Ashlee and she brings that enthusiasm each day to the studio. She is very dynamic and works with you to achieve your goals.  She is very patient and clearly describes each move and makes sure you are executing each move optimally.  

As a busy professional, I need to make sure I use my time efficiently and that I see results from my workouts.  You are not another number to Ashlee, she treats each of her clients like family and I look forward to going to the studio.  I would recommend that you try out a class with Ashlee ASAP.  You won't be disappointed."

- JoAnna N.

"Let me start by saying I've NEVER taken Pilates before in my life and personally didn't think it was for me, that I've now learned is a common misconception-
Ashlee changed ALL if that! 

I initially started with PWA because my knee was in pain from a tennis injury, she was referred through a coworker.
From my first session till now, Ashlee is always attentive to my form especially when it come to my knee- if it hurts in any way from an exercise, she will immediately adjust and/or modify me so the exercise still remains effective. 

She will ask you during your first session what your goal/problem area- BE WARNED she never forgets ;) Till this day my inner thighs hate her.....but look AMAZING! Not only do I look great & feel a 1,000xs stronger but I never thought PILATES could be this fun & garner such results , Ashlee is freaking riot. 

There's never a dull session and the music is always good. If you think PILATES is not for you, give Ashlee a shot- she WILL change your mind!"

- Deanne S.

"Been going to Ashley for a few months now and loving how my body is transforming.  I feel toner, stronger and leaner!  She keeps the workouts exciting and different.  Hidden gem in Beverlywood."

- Lila A.

"I have been suffering with lower back issues for many years because I’ve been a mechanic for 25years. My profession tends to be really hard on my body, specifically my sciatica, thanks to Pilates with Ashlee I’ve been PAIN FREE!

Ashlee is sooo good and the best at what she does. She’s patient, super knowledgeable about injuries, she makes Pilates fun! Every session is different and she keeps me on my toes.

Thanks to her, my back is 100% again! I recommend everybody to give her a call and set an appointment now as she is always booked. THANK YOU ASHLEE for fixing my back!!!!" 

- Rodell De Luna

"I love Ashlee. Her location can't be beat. She paired me with a partner at my level and is extremely attentive to proper form for pain/injury free results. She's making me look forward to working out! I highly recommend PWA!"

- Shana Fishman

"I have been going to PWA for about 9 months.  I love her sessions.  You never know what she has in store for you when you arrive - she always mixes it up.  This is not a traditional pilates session - all in a good way. PWA uses the reformer in so many ways to make so that each session is unique and intense and makes you feel so good!  Love PWA!"

- Jill S.


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