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PWA Class Options
Pilates with Ashlee~PWA Los Angeles, California


50 Minutues (Mon-Sat) | $85

Enjoy a one-on-one, Personal Training Session. We completely tailor the session specifically to you & your body's needs/goals. We recommend all beginners take at least a 5 or 10 pack of private sessions before entering group classes.


**At PWA, We believe it's in the best interest for Pregnant women, unless with another fellow pregnant friend/s, to take Privates Sessions. This is for the safety of you & your baby, due to the limitations and/or modifications during Classes. Ashlee is a PRO at Pre-Natal Pilates & has formulated a Pre-Natal Program for her Studio that's extremely effective :)

Pilates with Ashlee~PWA Los Angeles California


50 Minutes (Mon-Sat) | $90


Want a cost effective way to workout? Grab a friend, loved one or relative & head down to PWA for the BEST, 50-minute Cardio Pilates Workout. Please make sure your Buddy is on the same/similar Pilates skill level-- this allows us to give you the BEST possible class :)


**Packages available 



50 Minutes (Mon-Sun) | $180

An intimate 3-person class/semi-private with friends or family. This is a great way to get a couple girlfriends & workout together at an affordable rate. The total cost is $120, split between 3~ PERFECTION!


**Packages available!



50 Minutes (Mon-Sat) | $75

The Buddy System was created to ensure all PWA Clients are appropriately placed in the perfect class, best suited for them. This allows you to get the most out of your workouts by being among other students at your skill level!


PWA requires at least ONE Private Session (at a discounted rate) to access your skill level & then placed in the appropriately skilled class- while of course accommodating your schedule. You may also find a friend, loved one, family member, etc. to make your own class


**(It's best if both parties are relatively on the same Pilates level)



30 Minutes | $40

50 Minutes | $65

90 Minutes | $120


Certified Aromatherapist, Ashlee Carignan, offers customized Essential Oil Massage, Bodywork and/or Stretching Sessions! She will custom make a blend prior to your appointment that will enhance your senses while repairing any strains or sprains, aches & pains, or if you simply need a good rub down. 


Ashlee has a natural talent for finding ailments & creating customized Essential Oil blends to help cure ANY pain. If you're just interested in picking up the customized blend-- We can sell it to you no problem!


**Essential Oils aid in healing anything from mental to physical such as: STRAINS & SPRAINS, CHRONIC MIGRAINES, STRESS INDUCED PAIN, TIGHT MUSCLES/MUSCLE SPASMS, DEPRESSION, & SO MUCH MORE.


Price Sheet


Pilates with Ashlee~PWA Los Angeles California


​1. Please Sign up at least one hour prior to the class to ensure a spot. PWA also requires at least 24 hours cancellation notice, or you forfeit the session.

2. All purchases (including ALL packages) are final sale, nonrefundable, and/or transferrable to someone else. In the case of an emergency, we are reasonable and will determine if the refund is valid. 


3. PAYMENT POLICY: Pre-payment is required to make appointments, hold appointment, and/or standing appointments. Please be aware any Single Class/Privates must be paid at the time of service. All prepaid packs must be renewed on the 10th (last) session, to hold your standing appointments. PWA accepts cash or check. Venmo is NOT preferred, if you continue to use Venmo, a 10% charge will be added to the total amount, so please come prepared with other forms of payment. **Effective January 15, 2018, a 10% fee will be added to the total service amount for ALL Venmo transactions.


4. At PWA's discretion, all Double Sessions are subject to change, i.e. adding a third person. Most likely this is for emergency scheduling conflicts ONLY, and we ALWAYS give our clients advanced notice. If you are opposed to sharing the space at any time, you may rent the studio for the full amount of $120. This ensures you've rented the space for the entire hour.


5. We provide the highest customer service at PWA, but also understand our clients' needs and life is unexpected. We are an extremely relaxed studio, and will always do our best to accommodate everyone. In return, we appreciate the same gesture given back to the us & studio. We are a community bound together by our love and passion for Pilates, so please let's try and help our community when we can. 


6. All bookings go through Owner/Master Trainer, Ashlee as an added customer service perk! It's easier than fussing with usernames & passwords ;) Please use our CONTACT FORM to set up your first appointment.

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